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Turyap was established in 1985 to introduce a contemporary, western style real estate agency in Turkey.

Turyap manages thousands of real estate change hands with special care of its dedicated experts who work under standard principles in 330 modern offices all located in city centers across Turkey.

Our years of experience and commitment to our customers have made us achieve a great reputation and earn a good name in Turkish Real Estate Market.

In Turkish real estate market, Turyap also manages company’s corporate properties. For instance, with the help of its franchised chain all around the Turkey, Turyap deals with the sales transactions of bank’s redundant portfolios.

Turyap also has started to broaden its horizon to Europe and US market by dealing with its franchise offices in 10 different countries including the cities of London, Rotterdam, Athens, Brussels and Miami.

With the advent of its franchised chain in Europe and local franchised power in Turkey, company aims to bring new investors into Turkish Real Estate Market by being a bridge between real estate projects and foreign investors.

Turyap is an onward and pioneer real estate company which fills an important gap in the sector with its dynamic and visionary position in Turkish Real Estate Market.

Turyap offers independent, impartial, and expert knowledge about the property and the country, by giving homebuyers a wealth of information to make an informed decision about buying property for either investment or lifestyle.

Turyap as a leader real estate company in Turkish market always renovates itself and targets better instead of being ordinary by determining the new standards and parameters of the market.

Our purpose is consulting for both Turkish and foreign investors to help them to make profitable investments.

So as to achieve more success in Real Estate Market, Turyap maintains their trust-oriented relationship with their both local and foreign clients as their main company policy.

TURYAP was built with your success in mind

TURYAP Services

  • Real Estate Consultant
  • Airport pickup
  • Project visiting services
  • Real estate Legal Advice
  • Real estate valuation
  • Get tax ID Number
  • Resale Services
  • Residency & Citizenship Services

and many other cool features…

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